All Oils Are Not Created Equal!

I am what you would call an oil connoisseur, I have been slathering my face in oil before it became ‘the thing’ to do. I remember walking up to many cosmetics counters and when they would ask me about my routine, I would say I use oil as skincare, around my eyes and face, the reaction was ‘WHAT! Oh it’s no good, your eyes will absorb it and sag!’ I had heard it all!!! I am one who cannot stand not being moisturized and supple. I have oily skin and using oil doesn’t make it more oily but rather the same. I do not have any serious skin issues, just the occasional pimple popup here and there. Some days I love my skin and other days I despise it.

The way I always use my oils is by mixing it in with a cream moisturizer or serum. When used alone in a layered way, the skin looks more slick. I find that it soaks in better and is less oily looking on the face when used this way, just try it and you’ll see the difference!

Now, my Holy Grail of oils is hands down Rose Hips Oil. This oils comes in a variety of grades, colors and price points. You want to pick one that is preferably organic, cold pressed, and dark amber or orange in color. It is an amazing hydrator for the skin, it’s high in lycopene . Lycopene can act as a natural UV protectant for the skin…but still wear your SPF. It’s best to select one organic of course, which is means that little processing as possible has occurred although they must add a small non-irritating preservative so that it will keep. Rose Hips oils typically come from Australia, South America and Africa.

Rose Hips oil is a beautiful hydrator and although I have naturally over oily skin, it doesn’t stop me from using oils. I am currently living in Ukraine and I find the selection of natural oils is abundant. They have oils which I have never even heard of but I am excited to slather them on my skin. I find that the water here is very hard and I wash my face I use a micellar water or rose water before applying anything and it’s a great rule of thumb as oils mix beautifully with other products.


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