Edward Bess Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector in Deep ($56.00)

This formula is light light weight coverage and will give your skin a glow. If you have anything to hide – SKIP THIS FORMULA! I Repeat….If you have troubled skin- you will despise this formula to it’s core….like Zombie Massacre but let’s re-title it Makeup Massacre..20140611-224009-81609246.jpg
For some more insight, I have oily skin, I have learned to work with it..I have learned to love it looking shiny in this love/hate relationship. I had my makeup done at Sephora in a matte formula and I didn’t even recognize myself and hated the matte look!! The bottle of the Edward Bess has a nozzle tip which doesn’t spurt out and make a mess and easy to control and the swatch is from just one soft squeeze of the bottle. Edward Bess describes this formula in the following

Meet the next beauty icon: Not a foundation, not a tinted moisturizer, not even a BB cream—it’s an EB cream that makes everything better! Edward masters the look of healthy, glowing skin in a unique lightweight texture for a natural finish that looks like your skin but better. Its weightless feel glides right on with special light diffusers to impart a luminous complexion.

Some things that I found out about Edward Bess is that he was born in Charleston, South Carolina!…

Meeee tooo

he studied theater in New York City and then lived in London Modeling then came the birth of his cosmetics line in 2006.20140612-002629-1589804.jpg








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