**Red Alert** Dolce & Gabbana The Blush Luminous Cheek Colour ~ Sole 15

Okay, first off, this is my 1st and only red blush! I must admit that I always had a fear of this look or any other clown who sports this…20140609-132750-48470880.jpg
My first encounter with Sole 15 started while browsing for something to spark my interest in Sephora Times Square. I noticed the cheeks of a sales associate and it was the most beautiful natural flush red coral on her cheeks so I said ‘let me ask her to myself’ and I did. She led me over to front of the store and to this shocking striking red coral colour and I was saying to myself ‘there is noooo way I’m getting that’ and I looked at her in an are you serious kind of way. She then said all you need is one swipe as it is very pigmented and can be built, and it can be blended out with good brush technique.








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