Mac Seduced At Sea Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blush ($27.50)

This collection makes me daydream of Ariel the Disney Mermaid. I can imagine her wearing this to go to see her Prince and having to flee to the sea with any glint of her father, King Triton, popping up to look for her! Even as Ariel flees back home, her hybrid geleè Seduced at Sea blush will still be fabulous and intact after all of that swimming! I was lucky enough to find this at MAC and Seduced At Sea is a fantastical sheer wash of soft color which can be built up to which ever intensity that you crave.. I love that I cannot overdo this blush. The packaging is to die for with the faux water droplets, super unique! The blush is soft to the touch being that it is a hybrid. This is definitely an improvement for these blushes since they were 1st released a few collections ago. Just look at the images below20140530-130840-47320692.jpg











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