Dior Addict It-Purple Mascara ($26.00)

I ordered this as a Sephora VIB and got the exclusive chance to try it. The Dior Addict It-Purple Mascara, the formula claims

It can transform the eyes in a single sweep for a fabulous impact, as if it were magic. Volume, length and the most extraordinary stylistic effects come together to achieve a fashion-forward, modern-day, doe-eyed look in an instant.

With lasting hold, easy to application and easy removal, it is the ideal mascara for women who want it all, and want it now.
– Its soft and supple elastomer brush coats the full length of lashes and the entire fringe for sensational volume. The tip of the brush even catches the tiniest lashes on the bottom and in the far corners, for that perfect doe-eyed look.
– Its formula combines waxes that go on thick with a gel base for pure and radiant colour. Rinsable, it is easy to remove with warm water or classic makeup remover.

Dior Addict It-Lash enhances the lashes in shades amped up in pigments: It-Purple, a dizzying shade for downright sophistication, It-Blue, saturated in colour for electric eyes, It-Pink, a funky, in-your-face hue, and It-Black, for breathtaking depth.
For lashes transformed in technicolor.

I was expecting a super vibrant color on my lashes but this was very dark and I could hardly tell that there was any color on my lashes. The formula is not runny in any way but firm in texture. I am not one with thick full long lashes and would describe mine as sparse at best. Perhaps with a lash primer the purple color would come through much more vibrant but it’s a flop for me. 20140526-185215-67935859.jpg20140526-185214-67934291.jpg











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