1st Impressions~ MAC MASTERCLASS Brush ~ Oval 6 ($42.00)


I ordered the larger Oval 6 brush and I’m giving you my 1st impressions of the brush.  MAC states on http://www.maccosmetics.com, “M∙A∙C introduces a unique, breakthrough range of brushes that deliver a high level of performance and revolutionize personal makeup application. Ergonomically designed for even and effortless application, lush, silky, synthetic fibres are engineered to expertly pick up and apply product seamlessly. The brush handles feature a special grip design and a tilted brush tip for ultimate precision.”

It came in a sleek black box and it states that “Oval 6 is best used for applying and blending powder and foundation. It can also be used for contouring the cheek with powder blush and bronzer. Brush Care: Clean the brush between use or as often as needed  using a cloth dampened with MAC brush cleaner. Gently wipe brush head back and forth over the damp cloth to remove residual make-up. Allow brush to dry facing up.”

Now the brush feels light as air and it flexes back and forth.  The bristles are soft to the touch. The handle has a black metallic finish and plastic.with a MAC logo rubber grip with the “CHINA” stamp on the lower front.  My only concern with this brush is the cleaning method.  I wonder how it will hold up if deep cleansed and if you use liquid foundation, a simple dampened cloth may not get the job done as it seeps in lower than powder products. I think is is in the right direction as far as technology but with time and use will tell. See the pictures below:


5 thoughts on “1st Impressions~ MAC MASTERCLASS Brush ~ Oval 6 ($42.00)

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  2. For cleaning you should use equal parts washing up liquid (for dishes) and olive oil. Dip it in the mixture and swirl it around the palm of your hand. It will literally be spotless afterwards! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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