NARS Concealer in Caramel ($23.00)

∞NARS Concealer in Caramel ($23.00)∞

nars product mufe powder 307

I got this concealer on a whim to create that ‘Kardashian’ highlighting effect.  My goal was to create a highlighted contoured complexion minus the shine or shimmer… ofcourse.  The color is described by NARS as a medium dark natural with a balance of pink and yellow undertones.” This concealer is a harder formula, it glides on smoothly and stays where you want it to.  I was able to get the desired effect and I love the fact that I don’t have to touch it or use a wand which you have to take in and out of the tube-for sanitary purposes. describes the formula in the following:

“Brilliantly obscures imperfections and dark spots with a creamy, vitamin-rich formula that nourishes the skin for all-day wear. Crease-proof and easily blendable for a flawless finish.

            • Long-wearing
            • Enriched with moisturizing Vitamin E”

It comes in 10 different shades!

You can snag one up at:


swatches below!

nars product mufe powder 308

nars product mufe powder 309

nars product mufe powder 310

nars product mufe powder 311

nars product mufe powder 312


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