REVIEW: Chanel Eye Shadow Single in #89 Twilight

 This one #89 I have been eying for a while at the Chanel counter.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and slam down my $28.50 and get it.  I must say that although it may be a dupe-able pastel twinkling multi-glittery shadow I love it.  It adds that little something extra when doing subtle eye looks.  
I love wearing this alone on my eye as it is light and easy enough to sheer out to look like a light veil is on the eye with the subtle multi colored glitter twinkling but just pigmented enough for an impact on my complexion. You can dab it on the center of the lid with a lot of looks as I so also to give them more dimension.  I always use a primer before I apply shadows but if you are looking for super pigmented, this is not for you.  It’s more for the subtle shadow girl. It was powdery when sweeping the brush on the skin. I rate this 3 out of 5 only because you may want more pigmentation than this offers and texture. Overall I like this one. Swatches Below:
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