REVIEW: NARS Jolie Pouppe Eye Shadow Duo ($34.00)

NARS Duo on Jolie Pouppe ($34.00) from
 I decided to delve into a possible orgin in the name of this duo I discovered that Jolie Pouppe was a french tv show from the 1960’s who launched the career of French singer Sylvie Vartan below in the clip and later a song in the 1980’s by Bernard Menez.  You can definitely see the inspiration in the coloring from below….I mean just look at her makeup…close your eyes…….you know you can see her wearing this and singing a song in the 60’s now…lol
I found Jolie Pouppe to be perfect as far as the shimmering purple side. It is bright and vibrant as I love my purple hues.  It spreads on amazing and smooth.  The matte side leaned slightly blue but I just didn’t find it a flattering color for my skin tone and it was very chalky-as I find with most mattes they do require a bit more brush work to get an even non patchy finish.  Maybe if this matte color was placed along side a more neutral color then both colors in the duo would have worked-and I’m not saying you can’t mix and match them as I seem to do with my NARS duos ALL THE TIME! I rate this duo 3 out of 5 stars because I just didn’t enjoy the texture of the matte color. If you have let’s say NARS Caravaggio or Bysance Duos you could definitely skip out on this one as the bright purples are similar.
Sylvie Vartan who had the title of Jolie Pouppe in 1969
See all music videos Bernard Menez

Bernard Menez CD from the 1980’s

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