NAILS: Neon New Age French Manicure..using China Glaze

This was a super fun and new nail look for me.  I decided to do a french with a big bright neon twist.  I used China Glaze Celtic Sun and Quirius (Q.R.S.) in Pink Passion #327.  
To start I put on a base of NailTek as I usually do, let it dry for a bit, then I proceeded by layering down the China Glaze Celtic Sun, I put on 3 light coats as it has a jelly like finish.  Once that was dry I used the Q.R.S to do the french tip and then a top coat.  It was that simple, I always find the french nail to be classic and timeless, but this one is the new french manicure to satisfy our want for bright colors.  People will definitely doing double takes at your nails wearing this look..
I found Q.R.S. at my local beauty supply and the China Glaze from

Thank you for looking and reading and if curious, the backdrop is Niagara Falls and it was an amazing site to see!!

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