NAILS: China Glaze- In the Lime Light (Neon) & White Out

 So this is my 1st nail look, and it is very green and classic with polka dots  but with a twist as you will see below.  To start I had to 1st cut, shape and buff my nails-I typically find this process tedious.  Once that took and… I proceeded with a base coat of  Nail Tek III Protection Plus which is formulated for dry & brittle nails.  Then I applied the China Glaze White out as a base, just one sheer coat and let it dry.  Then I applied China Glaze In the Lime Light, but had to apply about 3 coats for it to be opaque.  I lastly used the White Out again to apply the polka dots with the brush inside -I used it in a stamping motion on the flat head of the brush.  I rate White Out 3 out of 5 stars, because although good as a base color, wearing it alone may not be suitable for all skin tones because it Really is white.  I rate In the Lime Light 3 out of 5 stars because although I love the bright neon green , you have to apply so many coats to achieve opacity, if not for that it would get a higher rating.  See the photos below…..

Thank you for reading and also check out my YouTube Channel in the box at the top of the page…
-XoXo svetkey2

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