Review: MAC Fleur Power Blush ($20.00)

Now this blush, Fleur Power, was purchased on a whim at MAC without trying it.. I am soo happy I purchased as it is the most beautiful blush I own next to my all time favorite pink swoon.  Every time I wear Fleur Power I always get a longer stare or a compliment on my look that day.  It is natural, subtle and soft and I apply it with the 168 Mac brush. MAC desribes it as a soft bright pinkish coral and it is a satin blush, which I am finding to be my favorite blush finish.  It’s pigmented but buildable but I feel it is hard to over do on my skin tone when layering. It has become my everyday blush along with Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter-beautiful combination!  MAC got this one right and I think it is a great universal soft blush powder formula. I rate this one 5 out of 5 Stars…!! It hits all the good things we look for in a blush.

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