REVIEW: NARS Isolde Eye Shadow Duo ($38.00)

NARS Isolde is absolutely A+++ in quality it is a shimmer shadow duo but that’s what gives it its silky amazing molten metal finish!..
Now I find this duo to have quite a unique name…I wonder if it is a hommage to the legend of the Irish princess Isolde who was married to King Mark of Cornwall but there was a noble night named Tristan who was in love with her during medieval period during King Arthur’s Reign……..
A John Duncan-Tristan & Isolde (1912) Painting

 So the King was the one who ‘deflowered’ Isolde, so her Father sends her back to King Mark with Tristan as her escort.  They started off on the journey and Isolde had in her arsenal with one of her servants a powerful love potion which her Mom told the servant to give it to her on her wedding night….but of course things have to go during the journey Tristan & Isolde drink the potion in error and that is it! Then this is were the adulterous love affair begins..They are love crazy! I read that some other sources say that Isolde gave Tristan the love potion on purpose..hmmmm

Tristan and Isolde as depicted by Herbert Draper (1863–1920)
Tristan & Isolde by Leighton (1902)
Isolde did marry King Mark but of course her heart wasn’t in it, she only had heart & eyes for Tristan. King Mark discovered this affair but was forgiving but he had had to be the man and claim his wife so he banned her lover from his Kingdom of Cornwall.  Eventually Tristan ends up in an unhappy marriage and falls ill and finally sends for his love but his current bitter wife lies about Isolde’s arrival to Tristan and he gruelingly dies before her ship makes it ashore…and soon Isolde’s broken heart would overtake her. Tristan’s bitter wife did feel guilty in the end at least.

Tristan + Isolde (1996) the Hollywood Movie Version

Now back to the gorgeous shadows in the Isolde Duo and I suppose I could see the colors of the shadows being taking from Medieval Era, if the Princess was super chic and color coordinated.  These colors are vivid vibrant metallic and I can only imagine them being used wet  and how much more that wound amplify the color. NARS describes it as a frosted ginger and a shimmering copper and I see they nailed it spot on.  NARS has a really great rapport with me with the consistent quality of their powder products. In the Isolde duo both sides are silky smooth and blendable and go well together for an all out simmering eye. I rate this duo 4 out of 5 stars and that’s because the shimmer probably wouldn’t appeal to all.

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