REVIEW: NARS Taj Mahal Powder Blush ($28.00)

Finally I made the time to review this amazing NARS blush in Taj Mahal from ( I think it’s name speaks perfectly and for itself.  It makes you think of India, India, India!!!  As you can see the colors in the spices, it is like NARS took them and mixed them together and out came the powder blush…minus the aromas.  It appears to be paprika, curry, cumin, and saffron as the predominant spices in the photo. You can even see the orange inspiration in the clothing and in the earth itself, the clay, the makeup that adorns the women. 
Spice market, Udaipur, India. Photo
Indian Wedding Ceremony Venue
So when you see this color in the photo below, you see the comparison in the hue. Below are swatches of Taj Mahal and it is super super pigmented so i’m giving you guys a warning proceed with caution when swiping the brush because a little dab in the product will go a long way.  You will feel the amazing quality of this one as it blends and buffs out beautifully and I find that it makes me radiate and glow and is a definitely perfect color for summer and can double as an eyeshadow. There is no glitter only a gorgeous shimmer and NARS describes it as a “Blazing burnt orange with golden shimmer,” which is spot on. See the beauty below. I would rate this 4 out of 5 stars, as it is a beautifully crafted and constructed color and blends amazingly well, but it may not be wearable on all skin tones..if you are a woman of color, this blush is a definite must!

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