Dior ‘Le Croisette’ 5-Color Palette Aurora #654

Dior ‘Le Croisette’ 5-Color Palette Aurora #654 ($60.00)
“Inspired by the art de vivre of the French Riviera, the Dior Croisette Collection combines the peace of the French countryside with the splendor of Saint Tropez Adorned with sunbursts, the Le Croisette palettes are inspired by the sophisticated signature pleating technique used on the fabric of Dior dresses. The Aurora harmony is a warm collection inspired by a day spent sunbathing on the beach.”

-By Dior.(www.dior.com)

I received this palette today and I was super excited! The tracking number stated that it was delivered on the 9th so I was starting to wonder, but it arrived today in one piece on 6/12.  So once I got through the tape, box flaps and package peanuts, there it was revealed to me in all of its glory, this beautiful stunning palette.  Once I removed it from the velvet pouch and opened this palette I saw it in all of its splendor and decadent sheen looks- looking like something I would love to consume if it were food. It looks like perfectly intricately designed ‘eye’ candy. Scroll down for swatches and thoughts……..

The DIOR Campaign for the Summer 2012 Collection

Saint Tropez, France…wish I were there now...I can see where the inspiration came from in the colors…just beautiful!!!

 My thoughts on the Aurora Palette:

  1. The 1st swatched the cooper color which is by far the standout, it’s pigmentation is amazing , as as with all of these, i love how they just glow which the camera just doesn’t capture well. It swatched very smooth and silky.I would rate this color 5 out of 5 for consistency, pigmentation, and ease of application
  2. The 2nd color swatched was the whitish color, which swatched not as smooth as the others considering this would most likely be the highlight  color. It has that lustrious glowy effect as well. I would give this color 3 out of 5 marks.
  3. In the center is a very pastel pink, which I think would be great on the lid. It has a somewhat tinge of silver in it, runs cool toned. This color is soft and blendable swiped a tad chalky as I find the  center shade in the Dior palettes to do, so there is some fallout when applying. I give this color 3 out of 5 marks.
  4. The true gold color is exactly that bright and luxuriously perfect for those goddess summer looks you will create with this, the quality is superb and is a standout! I give it 5 out of 5 for sure.
  5. The last color a bronzed brown I find matches my skin tone, my skin but better kind of way, so its good for dark skin girls like myself to play with the neutral look. Its a soft pliable pigmented color and I rate it 5 out of 5.

 Overall this palette is great if you are a sucker for coopers, bronze, gold, coral colors as I am you will not be disappointed!

Taken with flash

Taken with flash


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