I was sooo lucky to stumble upon this quad on a blog sale.  I had never used LORAC before, it was one of those brands I just brushed by in Sephora.  So I said this is a good way to try the brand because they are quite pricey!

So when I opened the used bubble mailer and saw this beauty, The LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette ($38 US), I scored it for $15!!! 

As you can see, it has a holographic 3D effect, Its beautiful! It the metal label emblem, It appears to be made of heavy cardboard with a mirror inside. I would describe them as being multidimensional with that duo chrome effect and being extremely high quality and pigmented, pigmented, and pigmented. I would rate the palette 4 out of 5 only because they are all chrome in finish-I know some like a mix of matte with shimmers. I swatched them as you can see below:
  1. The 1st color which appears gold in quality has a tinge of pink in it and is great as the base or lid color, and is buttery soft when applying.  
  2. This is a gold color which is as smooth as molasses! and goes great on the eye and very complimentary to dark skin tones as I am.
  3. The brown greenish duo chrome is the most unique color out of the palette. It actually applies leaning more green with the brown in the background.  I found on myself it leaned green with a burgundy hue in the background.  
  4. The chrome silver which is one of the best silvers I have ever used, as I found it a color my complexion just didn’t take well to but it works well with this palettes colors, and is very pigmented.
  5. The navy is gorgeous, it has that duo chrome effect and shines in all of it’s lush metallic glory! I swear these shadows feel like liquid metal.
  6. The last color is a sparkly black and it has that consistent buttery texture with flecks of glitter throughout, appears green, gold and silver flecks. it is easy to blend. It is the only color in the palette with the glitter being so predominant.
Taken with a flash

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